Sonic Games Investment


Total Raised: £0

Investors: 0

Target: £50,000

From the inception of the first puzzle, created and designed by Andrew Reeves in 2004 and released in 2006, over 100,000 puzzles have been sold. Many accept that the puzzles are great pieces of engineering and are of significant importance to the world of puzzles. The Adventure series consisting of 5 puzzles, Isis, Ramisis, Copernisis, Tessarisis and Pentarasus are all linked by keys and the global Adventure involving real and virtual pyramids with gold coins continues to be of great interest to all involved.

Plans are in place for the next series of puzzles, which will be called the Quantum-5 series, with the first of the puzzles planned for release one year after the Pentarasus launch. For 15 years Andrew Reeves has been successfully creating intriguing puzzles for everyone to enjoy and 2020 will be the start of a strange but fascinating new puzzle era. 

In order to progress Sonic Games and the puzzle development and production, some investment is going to be required and 15% equity in the company is being made available in order to raise the investment.

ROI is planned for 2025, when you will have the option for your shareholding to be purchased back by Sonic Games at the 2025 share price and or plans will be put in place for the sale of the company and you will be offered the opportunity to sell your share holding at the 2025 share value when the company is sold.

Link to investing is here.