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Sonic Puzzles| Kuku Extreme Puzzle

By Sonic Games UK Ltd

Kuku Extreme Puzzle - High Quality Metal Puzzles

100 x limited edition Extreme Kuku - Now available.

As these will be the last ones made they are limited and signed by the Inventor.

They will all be Blue and Gold extreme editions.

The Extreme key code will be required in order to claim 28 prediction credits( 1 months free play) for the new Prediction Time game that is planned for release within the next 4 months. The jackpot for winning Prediction Time in month one is £5000.00



10x Devil Kuku are also being made in red and black at £250.00.

Each one contains an encrypted code inside which when solved along with the kuku key code can be redeemed against a free Pentarasus.


Price: £195.00
USD $253.25 (Approx)
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