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Sonic Puzzles| The Diamond Collection

By Sonic Games UK Ltd

The Diamond Collection - High Quality Metal Puzzles

The collection consists of all 5 puzzles, 24ct gold and silver plated and 5 diamonds in each puzzle. Although each puzzle is a fully working locked puzzle, the collection should be considered as an investment and not opened. Each puzzle contains a gold and diamond key inside.

 The collection has been valued at $100,000 USD

We are looking to expand Sonic Games and more capital investment is required for the next stage of the puzzle development, and so we are making this collection available at a price of $60,000 USD which will be re-invested in the puzzles to be developed 2019 - 2025

* Due to the value and rarity of the collection it will be hand delivered by special courier.

** Only 2 collection exist in the world, the first collection was sold in 2016 to someone in the USA


Price: £75000.00
USD $97402.60 (Approx)
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