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Autism - Isis adventure puzzles


Autism - Isis adventure puzzles

Last year, I toured across many states in the US, primarily promoting my isis code book and mechanical puzzles, but in doing so i was offered a rare opportunity to meet many of the people who have and are enjoying the puzzles and the Isis adventure that I have developed over the years. I discovered that a large number of the people I met had extraordinary abilities to solve my puzzles and could follow in detail the strategies and processes that I create. I soon discovered that some of these people are on the Autism spectrum or with Asperger syndrome or ADHD.

In the discussions held, i discovered that the adventure and puzzles that I continue to develop are connecting at a very special level with people with Autism and the enjoyment and time spent working with the puzzles is having a very positive affect on improving communication and interaction with the puzzle world.

The isis puzzle series, the isis code book and the electronic iball4 brain game are all products that have been developed for those looking for a deep thought provoking challenge, and in particular, allowing anyone on the autism spectrum to get positively involved with the isis adventure.

Andrew Reeves

Inventor of the isis Adventure.