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Extreme puzzle collection in case


Extreme puzzle collection in case

We have 2 very exciting extreme puzzle collections for sale, sold in a purpose built case. The case has a combination lock, and there is a riddle to solve the combination, if you can solve the riddle and open the case, the fifth puzzle will be presented to you for free when its released.

* Please note, you will need to provide a full solution to the riddle in order to qualify for the offer. Opening the case just by going through all digits for the 6 combinations will not be acceptable and will not qualify for the fifth puzzle.

If you are interested in one of these collections, please email me at

Price for the bespoke Sonic case, all 4 extreme puzzles and Tarka inside Tessarisis and the riddle, with opportunity to win the fifth puzzle for free is 1250.00 GBP pounds or $2000.00 USD inc. free shipping.