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Money to be found


Money to be found

Having walked out from Regents park today 100 pounds richer than when i walked in, i am sure that many of you who tried to find the cash in RP, and some were very close to the spot, might like to try again.

So, I will be hiding over the next few weeks, 4 small objects in 4 major cities in the UK, London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester, each object found can be redeemed for 100 pounds cash.

All you need to do is solve the location from the pictures provided for each city which can be found here. In addition I will also provide additional picture detail to anyone that scores over 142 on the iball4 game serial number editions.

Each location can be solved without the extra detailed picture from the iball4 game, but the extra detail will give you an advantage !

First picture is London.