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The Fifth One


The Fifth One

The Fifth One - Pentarasus -

This October 2017 the first prototypes will be engineered. As soon as all the testing has been completed, 500 aluminium based puzzles will be made early in 2018. There will also be 10 x limited edition Pentarasus puzzles made with a heavy base metal and 24ct gold and diamonds with diamond keys inside. 3 of these special puzzles have already been sold, but I am offering 3 of the remaining 7 on a first come first serve basis at a special price of 5000.00 GBP. As many of you know the usual price is 25,000 each. A deposit of 2500.00 GBP is required to secure one of these specially priced puzzles.

The first 4 puzzle as shown in the illustration will have the fifth puzzle added to complete the collection. The collection shown is still available if you are interested in making an offer. Only offers +50k will be considered.