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Latest Update: 26th June 2020

Early-Bird opportunity. Once a month on a random day, one puzzle will be discounted by 25% 

* Only one puzzle with a 25% discount is available per month. Be there first !

The fifth puzzle, Pentarasus will only be available to members who own unlocked puzzles of the first 4 puzzles in the series.

The Adventure Puzzle series is now in its 11th year of development under the Sonic Games brand with all 5 of the 5 unique puzzles hopefully available this year. All of our Adventure puzzles are designed and manufacture in-house in the UK and we sell to more than 35 countries. The online Adventure which compliments the puzzles grows from strength to strength with many of you winning great prizes during your quest.

The Adventure code book is also a perfect companion for anyone that is looking for hints and clues to complete their puzzle and now each book contains a guaranteed winning scratch card.

* We ship to any country in the world using DHL Priority shipping

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