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Pentarasus - The Fifth One| Diamond Pentarasus

By Sonic Games UK Ltd

Diamond Pentarasus - High Quality Metal Puzzles

The Diamond Pentarasus.

The final puzzle in the Adventure series, but solving the 4th stage of this puzzle will lead you down a rabbit hole and a new exciting challenge with an awesome reward to the first person to get to the end.

5 x Diamond Pentarasus limited editions are available, each one is 24ct gold and solver plated with 11 white diamonds. 

Two have already been reserved and the 3rd is available now.  

The Pentarasus has been designed with 4 stages all inter-linked with a fascinating 4th stage to solve that will offer you an exciting challenge should you wish to take up the gauntlet. 

Each puzzle is signed by the inventor and engraved with the Edition identification number 1 to 5 


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