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Adventure Membership| Global Adventure Membership

By Sonic Games UK Ltd

Global Adventure Membership - High Quality Metal Puzzles

The Sonic Adventure Membership

Sonic Games provides an automatic 6 FREE password credits worth £21.00 or $33.00 when you join.

Other benefits of Joining:

· Pyramid password credits valued at $30.00+

· Full support for all Adventure products that you own.

· Access to the global map with golden pyramids located all over the world with cash awards

· Access to the Puzzle adventure coins hidden all around the world with puzzle awards for finders.

· Access to the forum, with news and updates and entry into the 5% clubs.

· Access to the mystery picture game with puzzle prize awards

· Access to the Ramisis Sphinx map with cash awards for solving the Sphinx riddles.

· Access to the Copernisis Star map game with cash awards for solving the codes hidden in each map.

· Access to the Tessarisis Grid with cash awards for crossing the grid successfully

Puzzle Adventure Website

Full terms and conditions:


Price: £25.00
USD $32.47 (Approx)
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