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Sonic Puzzles| Kuku Extreme Puzzle

By Sonic Games UK Ltd

Kuku Extreme Puzzle - High Quality Metal Puzzles

They Blue and Gold extreme edition Kuku

The Extreme key code inside will be required in order to claim 28 prediction credits( 1 months free play) for the new Prediction Time game that is planned for release within the next 4 months. The Prize Pot for winning Prediction Time in month one will be £5000.00

If you are interested in getting involved with the pre-launch game for free with a prize pot of £500 to the winner, please email me. 


Limited Devil Kuku are also available in red and black at £350.00.

Each one contains an encrypted code inside which when solved along with the kuku key code can be redeemed against a free Pentarasus.


Price: £200.00
USD $259.74 (Approx)
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