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Sonic Puzzles| Prediction Time Game

By Sonic Games UK Ltd

Prediction Time Game - High Quality Metal Puzzles

Prediction Time - Launch Game starts 1st October 2020. Winner £500.00

If you are interested in registering for my new knowledge/strategy Prediction Time game launching 1st October 2020.

Purchase 30 free credits for just £10.00 (normally £2.00 per credit) to play for the 28 day game starting 1st October 2020

The winner will receive £500.00 cash or a Tessarisis Puzzle in Black and Gold or The Extreme Tessarisis in Blue and Gold worth £1000.00

*  You will be notified soon when live registration on the official game website is ready.


Price: £10.00
USD $12.99 (Approx)
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