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Sonic Puzzles| Prediction Time Kuku Puzzle

By Sonic Games UK Ltd

Prediction Time Kuku Puzzle - High Quality Metal Puzzles

The Prediction Time Kuku

The Prediction Time Kuku is a limited edition puzzle, only 60 of these will contain a key code. Solve the Kuku and you will be rewarded with £50.00 credits for the new Prediction Time game. Puzzle Master have 50 these puzzles for sale.

The new Prediction Time game starts on 1st October. It will test your knowledge and prediction skills to the limit. Register here to play the launch game. The Winning Prize fund for the Prediction Time launch game is £1000.00 or an Extreme Tessarisis puzzle £1000.00

The first Global Live game will launch on 1st December 2020 with a prize fund to the winner of £5000.00 


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