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Tessarisis| The Devil Tessarisis

By Sonic Games UK Ltd

The Devil Tessarisis - High Quality Metal Puzzles

The Devil Tessarisis

Due to demand but with an updated internal mechanism, and called the Devil Tessarisis, so its a different version to the original Tessarisis in order to keep both collections unique and to 10 puzzles in both collections.  Now back in Stock(May 2020)

We have commissioned 10 x of these limited edition Devil Tessarisis signed and numbered by the inventor.

The Tessarisis in the red and black looks incredible, and in order to be classified as a devil puzzle, new developed mechanical steps have been introduced which will test the very best puzzlers in the world.

Each Devil Tessarisis includes the Devil Tarka inside.

* All devil puzzles come with a first year free adventure membership


Price: £1000.00
USD $1298.70 (Approx)
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