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Copernisis Puzzles| The Titanium and Blue Copernisis

By Sonic Games UK Ltd

The Titanium and Blue Copernisis - High Quality Metal Puzzles

The Copernisis puzzle is the 3rd in the Isis series, an astronomers dream puzzle. Discover fascinating facts about our solar system and develop the knowledge to solve the Copernisis.

Your unique Copernisis is engineered with absolute precision, constructed from aircraft grade aluminium and is hand-built in the UK.

The Copernisis also allows access to the star map game which can be found on

Product Features

  • High quality solid metal construction
  • Planet rings with precision 'click feel' rotation
  • Diamond engraved
  • Smooth highly polished finish
  • Unique engraved 'Isis Adventure' key number and pyramid key 
  • Copernisis weight: 310g (approx. 11oz)

** Free code book and clue to solving the codes **

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