Photon Gravity Systems

Introducing the new Photon Gravity Display Cabinet System.

The high quality cabinets are custom built to your size and color specification to compliment your home or work environment. The cabinets are high quality pieces of furniture made from oak or mahogany hardwood with a toughened glass or plexi-glass display at eye level when standing. The cabinets come with lockable options and the specially designed electronics are built into the cabinet behind a secret locked compartment, a special key is required to open.

It is important that the system has backup power support in case of mains power failure. In addition to the power backup, alarms and alerts via 2G-5G communications support against movement of the displayed objects (ie. theft) or if low power backup is triggered in the unlikely event of an extended period of mains power failure, thus allowing you to act before all power including backup is lost.

These wonderful custom made cabinets are priced at £10,000 and this includes shipping and personnel custom installation anywhere is the world by our qualified technicians.

Additional custom specifications (ie. additional secret compartments) may incur additional costs subject to requirements. We will provide all costs prior to any custom build.  

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