The Fifth One

The Launch of the fifth puzzle has now be confirmed for 2019.

The fifth puzzle can only be purchased when all 4 keys and key codes from the previous puzzles are emailed to us as proof. Due to the complexity of the fifth puzzle the price of the fifth puzzle will be circa £400.00 inc. delivery worldwide.

10 x puzzles will be made using a heavy base metal with 24ct gold and diamonds valued at £25,000. 3 of the 10 puzzles are already reserved, but we are making 3 more of the puzzles available at a special price of  £5000.00 each. One of these special priced puzzles has already been sold.

To reserve one of the standard Pentarasus puzzles a deposit of £200.00 will be required, and the balance paid on shipping. No proof of ownership of the existing 4 puzzles is required at the reserve stage because puzzles can still be purchased or acquired to qualify prior to final shipping date in 2019.

Please use this link for reserving a standard puzzle or one the gold puzzles.